Don’t Just Give Peace a Chance

Don’t Just Give Peace a Chance

Why can’t we just get along?

A noble sentiment, to be sure.

But it’s a question posed by an innocent.

As if peace were simply the absence of conflict.


“All we are saying…is give peace a chance.”

What would happen if we did?

We would be like a laboratory rat —

Stuck at the choice point.


Given the inevitable conflict,

We wouldn’t know what to do.


You will, of course, marry the wrong person.

Because whoever you marry,

you will find that quality that they have that annoys you.

And they’ll find yours.


You can try to avoid it —

But that would be a story

that confuses what is

with what ought to be.


Perhaps we shouldn’t

give peace a chance.

Confront the reality of our contradictions

And work to create something new.

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