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Creating Common Ground seeks high quality submissions containing proposals of:

  1. New and innovative ways of resolving contentious issues, including personal, social, political, moral, religious and ideological issues.
  2. How we can build an ethos of shared values, virtues and beliefs that can bring people together in a divided society.

We seek submissions that propose:

  1. Novel solutions to contentious social and political problems
  2. Ways to resolve the culture wars
  3. Novel value systems that coordinate or transcend different ways of thinking about the world
  4. Ways to restructure society and social relations in order to promote sustainable and meaningful connections among people;
  5. Ways to build new economic systems that meet the diverse needs of people
  6. Ways to manage conflict between people at the level of interpersonal relations, groups, organizations, communities, and nations
  7. Ways to move beyond political correctness, cancel culture, and intolerance in the name of tolerance
  8. How to work with people whose political positions you might actually hate.

Your article should:

  1. Identify the different ways that people approach the issue you want to discuss
  2. Show how to bridge divides on the issue
  3. Affirm the dignity and humanity of all parties to a conflict
  4. Be written for the general, intelligent reader
  5. Draw on solid evidence whenever possible

Your article should not:

  1. Express mere opinions without seeking to bridge divides
  2. Show disrespect for the people about whom you are writing — no matter what positions that adopt on an issue
  3. Express partisan views

Pitch an Idea!

We welcome submissions.

It is always best to pitch an idea to the editors before you decide to write.  We will work hard to respond to all submissions, but cannot guarantee that we can do so.

To pitch and idea, simply write to  Explain your topic and how you intend to address the issues described above

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