Our Workshops and Experiences


Stop Arguing and Strengthen Your Relationship: A 3-Hour Workshop.  A three-hour intensive workshop for individuals, couples or partners of any sort.  Learn the basics of how to manage conflict in your relationship. 

Stop Arguing and Strengthen Your Relationship: The Extended Course.  A six-week course for individuals, couples or anyone else. You not only learn to resolve conflict, you also practice what you learn and get weekly feedback.


How to Have a Political Conversation.  Are you afraid to engage in political conversations?  Do they turn into arguments?  Have you de-friended people because of political differences?  Turn political opposition into cooperation.   

Bridging Political Divides: Activism for Bringing People Together in Polarizing Times. Frustrated with polarization? Want to do something about it? Learn how to bridge divides and solve problems on contentious social and political issues. 


How to Cultivate Purpose and Meaning for a Fulfilling Life.  Are you struggling with a sense of meaning and purpose? Is there an emptiness that you can’t seem to fill?  This workshop shows how identify and cultivate what is important in your life. 

Connection Circles. Want greater intimacy, understanding and connection? That’s what we do in our connection circles. Learn what it means to really hear and be heard.

Giving is a Form of Creating Common Ground

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