Our Workshops

  • Resolving Conflict in Everyday Relationships
  • How to Bridge Political Divides and Solve Real Social Problems
  • Self-Cultivation Seminars
  • Connection Circles: Creating Deep¬†Connection and Understanding¬†

Conflict Management and Couples Coaching

Conflict is inevitable in any relationship.  We teach individuals and couples to resolve conflict in everyday relationships. 

Organizational Conflict

Is conflict in your organization causing problems?  We help organizations resolve conflict both within and between organizations. 


  • Resolving Interpersonal, Organizational and Political Conflict 
  • Leadership and Problem-Solving
  • Developing Meaning and Purpose
  • Parenting for Character
  • Self-Cultivation and the Growth Mindset
  • Non-Violent Communication

Our Magazine

CCG Magazine publishes intelligent articles from intelligent people (including you) exploring ways to (a) bridge divides on contentious social and political issues, and (b) develop shared beliefs and values to live by in a confusing, fragmented and polarized world.

Giving is a Form of Creating Common Ground

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