Relationship Building — The Alternative to Therapy

Do you want to get closer to your partner? Do you feel that you have a strong relationship, but want to make it even better?  Are you in a tough spot in your relationship, and need to find ways to improve it?


One way to accomplish these goals is to go to therapy.  Many people find satisfaction in couples counseling.  But couple’s counseling is not for everyone.  There are many reasons why people might not want to go to therapy. They may feel that it makes them look crazy or weak.  They may feel that therapists don’t help – that therapists are too “hands off”– that they want you to try to figure out your problems for yourself.


Relationship Building is an alternative to therapy.  It’s about building ways to of communicating with each other so that you can solve your own problems, stop arguing, and achieve greater harmony and closeness.  It’s about building skills to build your relationship.


The key to any relationship is effective communication – and particularly the capacity to resolve conflict.  In our 6-week workshop, you will learn how to:


·      Turn disagreement into an opportunity to enhance your relationship

·      Identify the core needs that each of you have in your relationship

·      How to find ways to meet each other’s needs

·      Approach each other with calmness, compassion and care


We provide three forms of Relationship Building Experiences


1-Hour Relationship Building Introduction

3-Hour Relationship Building Workshop

6-Week Relationship Building Workshop Series

Giving is a Form of Creating Common Ground

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