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Creating Common Ground accepts submissions of articles related to how to create common ground between people on contentious personal, social, political, moral, religious and ideological issues.

  • How to create novel solutions to resolve contentious political issues.

  • How to promote deep connection between people.

  • How to resolve clashes in the culture wars.

  • How to create new value systems that transcend differences between people.

  • How to restructure society in ways that promote connection between people.

  • How to build new economic systems that meet the diverse needs of people.

  • How to engage in conflict resolution between people, groups, organizations, and nations.

  • How to transcend political correctness.

  • How to work with people who hold positions you may actually hate.

  • And other topics.

How to Write an Article for Creating Common Ground

Your article should:

  • Address questions of how to bridge divides between people.

  • Identify the particular issues that you are seeking to bridge.

  • Seek a deep understanding of the needs, interests, fears, concerns, grievances, identities, and/or sacred beliefs that motivate people to adopt different positions on any given issue.

  • Seek to affirm the dignity and humanity of those about whom you are writing.

  • Be of any length, but preferably around well-written 3000 words.

  • Be written for the general intelligent reader.

  • Draw on solid evidence whenever possible.

  • Be scholarly, but accessible to a broad audience.

  • Provide references as needed, in footnotes, using APA format.

Your article should not:

  • Express mere opinions without seeking to bridge divides between opposing perspectives.

  • Show disrespect for the people about whom you are writing -- no matter what positions that adopt on an issue.

To Submit

It is always best to pitch an idea to the editors before you decide to write. We will work hard to respond to all submissions, but cannot guarantee that we can do so.

To pitch and idea, simply write to Explain your topic and how you intend to address the issues described above.

To submit, send your article in Microsoft Word format to