Creating Common Ground is a non-profit devoted to helping policy makers, politicians and everyday people bridge divides on contentious social and political issues. We do this by providing instruction on how to have political conversations that actually solve problems rather than foster division. We also publish Creating Common Ground Magazine -- a forum in which talented people -- including you -- can propose novel solutions to our seemingly intractable social divisions. Do you want to help?

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Seeking Founding Collaborators

We are just getting started. We seek passionate collaborators who are interested in helping us build Creating Common Ground from the ground up.

Help us build your role in our nonprofit. We are looking for volunteers who can help us build Creating Common Ground in order to turn your volunteer position into a paid one.

We are looking for passionate and talented people who can fill one or more of the roles listed below.

  • Managing Editor of Creating Common Ground Magazine

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing and Social Media

  • Financial Planning and Management

  • Running Conflict Management Workshops

  • Curriculum Development

  • Video Developers

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