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The dangers of retreating into our own private morality.

By Michael F. Mascolo

Individual rights are the bedrock of a free society. In a liberal democracy, individuals have the moral right o make their own choices free from arbitrary intrusion – subject to the constraint that they do not interfere with the same freedoms in others.


Our Divided America

By Gregg Henriques

I am a therapist and I am here to tell you that America needs therapy. Therapy is what folks need when they are suffering, when they are having serious conflicts in their relationships, when they are are confused about their identity...

Individual rights are foundational for a free society. However, a single-minded focus on rights alone -- either for individuals or for groups -- limits our capacity for moral personhood. We need to work toward shared virtues as well.

It seems that each time there has been a mass shooting, a familiar non-dialogue emerges. Many on the left call out for some form of gun control, while many on the right maintain that the problem of gun violence lies somewhere else...


Mike & Mike

Power and Social Change. How can we foster non-violent social change in the absence of social power?

The Atheist and the Nun

Can an atheist and a nun bridge divides on social, political and even spiritual issues? (Coming soon)

Black and Blue Lives

What needs to be done to genuinely repair relations between police and the minority communities? (Coming soon)

Learn to Bridge Divides

The Basics of Collaborative Problem Solving

This video provides an overview of the basic process of Needs-Based Problem-Solving. The ideas described in this video are relevant to virtually any kind of conflict, whether it occurs in interpersonal, social, organizational or political contexts.

In this example of collaborative problem solving, a mother and her daughter have a conflict over whether or not the girl will wear her raincoat to school. It's an everyday conflict. Even so, it illustrates the general process of how to bridge divides between people.

How to Bridge Divides: Alyssa and Ed Divide Up the Kids

As second non-political example of Needs-Based Problem-Solving. In this example, a Alyssa and Ed are getting a divorce. There are few conflicts that are more difficult than those between people who are used to love each other, and how are at each other's throats.