How to Resolve Conflict in Your Relationships: A 12-Week Zoom Workshop

Workshop Summary

In this 12-week workshop, you will learn to manage conflict in your everyday relationships.  We will meet online once per week for 1 1/2 hours. By the end of the workshop, you will have developed competence in the following areas:   

1. Understanding how interpersonal conflict is actually an opportunity for growth. 

2. How to diffuse a situation that is in danger of escalating.

3. How to manage strong emotions in situations involving conflict. 

4. How to speak so that your partner will listen to what you have to say. 

5. How to listen so that your partner will speak. 

7. How to identify the needs that motivate people to take the positions they do in a conflict.

8. How to brainstorm ways of meeting the needs of all parties to a conflict.

9. How to create solutions that meet the needs of all parties to a conflict.

10. How to resolve conflict when the other person is not interested in trying.   

Your role in the workshop is to, well, er…(a) show up for each session, (b) try out the skills we model and practice in the sessions, and (c) report back on your progress. 

You will also be provided with our book, From Conflict to Collaboration: A Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Problems in Everyday Relationships,  which contains much of the content of the course.  Although we suggest chapters that you can read for each session, reading the chapters is optional.   We understand that you are busy.  It’s not always possible to read “assignments” before a workshop.  So, don’t worry.  The important thing is to attend the workshops and work with the ideas.

Participants will be provided with the opportunity to consult with a conflict-management coach between sessions. 

Sliding scale fees are available for demonstrated need. 

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